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10 Jul

1) Honesty … Dishonesty 

2) Everyday of your life 

3) Mercy 

4) Today … Tomorrow 

5) Hadith …… on Halal Income 

6) Quran ….. 

7) BD Education 

8) Judges must follow their oaths and do their duty, heedless of editorials, letters, telegrams, threats, petitions, panellists and talk shows  ….. LINK 


Prediction in 1956 about the creation of Bangladesh—–  LINK 
Based on his observations of the circumstances in Pakistan, Allama Mashriqi issued a warning to the nation during his address in 1956 at Minto Park, Lahore. He stated that if the conditions in East Pakistan were not improved, then East Pakistan would declare its independence. His warning became a reality in 1971 when East Pakistan declared independence and formed Bangladesh. Below is the warning issued by Mashriqi in 1956:

“Ye Muslims! Today from this platform I sound you a warning. Listen carefully and ponder. Sometime in the future, probably in 1970, you will be confronted with a perilous situation. In 1970 – I see it clearly – the nation will be stormed from all sides. The internal situation would have deteriorated gravely. A panic of widespread bloodshed will sweep the nation. The frenzy of racial and provincial prejudices will grip the whole country. Zindabad and murdabad will defean your ears. Plans will be initiated to dismember the country. Take it from me that in 1970, Pakistan will be plagued with a grave threat to its sovereignty. You might actually lose it if the reigns of the country were not in the hands of courageous and unrelenting leadership.

India will, in that grave situation, try to take advantage of your internal turmoil and devour you. Or, the governance of the country will fall in the hands of spineless self-seekers or self-centred opportunists who might on their own accord push you into the Indian lap. I warn you about 1970. I warn you to prepare from now to face the situation which will emerge in that year. In 1947, you had a refuge to protect yourself but in the coming days of 1970 – I can clearly visualise – you will have river Attock on one side and the Chinese border on the other, and you will have no place to go…”

10) That the sky is brighter than the earth means little, unless the earth itself is appreciated and enjoyed.
— Helen Keller ……………………..  LINK

11) 8 Bangladeshis executed in KSA …… LINK 

12) In his political work, Noam Chomsky often cites a definition of terrorism from a US army manual as:
‘the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious, or ideological in nature. This is done through intimidation, coercion, or instilling fear. ……. LINK 

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