Posts 365+2I

10 Jul

1) Enemy vs Friend ====>> LINK 

2) Asia Cup Cricket  2012 Final Match ….. LINK 

3) First Class Muslims in Jannah …. LINK 

4) Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani, Futhul Ghaib …. LINK 

5) the knowledge of the Ghayb (unseen),  ====>> LINK 

6) “–The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty starts with the Mughal man named Ghiyasuddin Ghazi. He was the City Kotwal i.e. police officer of Delhi prior to the uprising of 1857, under the Mughal rule.—”    ====>> LINK 

7)  বাংলার রাজকুমার ডঃ সাইয়েদ হুসাইন ( Syud Hossain ) —–

“–All that I could gather (courtesy a biography of George Joseph) is that Syed Hussain died in Cairo, and Vijayalaksmi Pandit who became India’s permanent representative at UN would often place flowers on his grave.” ====>> LINK 

8) Gujarat Massacre: Statement of Justice Hosbet Suresh ===>> LINK 

9) Syria … Some Info 

10) The beauty of a woman lies IN HER SILENCE
rather than her speech …. LINK 

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