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22 Jan

1) Hasina ……

2) Mass Killing in Burma  ………..

3) Allah knows best …..

4) Quran ....
“If Allah knows any good in your hearts, he will give you something better…”

[Surah Anfal, 8:70]

And whoever turns away from My remembrance – indeed, he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind.” 20:124

6) Reason – – – –

7)   Allah’s Attributes ….
The attributes of Allah that every pubescent and sane Muslim is obliged to know are called the attributes of the Self of Allah and Allah is not attributed with their opposites. They are thirteen attributes; the scholars established by consensus he who is ignorant of them is a committer of an enormous sin (fasiq).

These thirteen (13) attributes are: Existence (al-Wujud), Oneness (al-Wahdaniyyah), Eternity (al-Qidam), Everlastingness (al-Baqa’), Non-neediness of others (al-Qiyamu bin-Nafs), Non-resemblance to the creatures (al-mukhalafatu lil-hawadith), Power (al-Qudrah), Will (al-Iradah), Knowledge (al-^Ilm), Life (al-Hayah), Hearing (as-Sam^), Sight (al-Basar), and Speech (al-Kalam).

8) Quran … Ayah 

9) India in 1857 …… Indian Mutiny 

10) Islam . . . . . . Democracy 

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