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21 Jan

Omar Mukhtar the Lion of the Desert              LINK 

At his trial the Italian judge said to Omar Mukhtar:

Judge: Do you realize that you will be executed?

Omar Mukhtar: Yes

Judge said to him: I’m sad, it is to be your end

Omar Mukhtar replied: But this is the best way to conclude my life.

The judge tried to tempt him with an amnesty in return for writing to the mujahideen to stop Jihad against the Italians, think about his life and then what he said in his famous speech.

রক্ষণশীল ইহুদী মহিলা ———- LINK 
This is The Picture of Orthodox Jewish womens in Burqa….
Are they terrorist ??? Oppressed ???

Jewish women should cover their head. Ancient rabbis said ‘it is not right for the daughters of Israel to walk out with their heads uncovered’. ‘Cursed be the man who lets the hair of his wife be seen’.

‘Uncovering the woman’s hair is considered nudity’ (Ibid pp. 316-317). (Swindler op. cit. pp. 121-123) If a woman’s hair was uncovered during the Tannaitic period the Jewish woman might be fined 400 zuzim for this offence.
the revealing western style dress of today is a relatively new invention. If you go back in time only about 70 years or so you will find even western women wearing clothes which resemble hijab and you will find that when even nowadays when women want to dress decently they cover themselves up.

3) Arab Spring ====>> LINK 


27th RaMaDaN in MasjiDil HArAm PiCtUrE LINK 

5) Quran Miracle ====>>  LINK 

6) Muslim World Leaders ====>> LINK 

7) Marriage ====>> LINK 

8) Jihad ====>>

9) Time ====>> LINK 

Happening in Syria ======= >> LINK 
The original caption on this picture stated ‘Imagine if this was your daughter and all your hopes and dreams were crushed.’
But she is our daughter, she is a daughter of our #Ummah. As Muslims we should feel her pain as if it is our own…#Syria

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