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16 Jan

1) Maududi in his early life =====>> LINK

2) Al-Qaradawi, during his days at Azhari Institute at Tanta =====>>  LINK 

Dr. Bilal Philips’s Investigation ====>>  LINK LINK-2

Anti Islaamic Sites LINK 

List of anti Islaamic sites and Exposé of 3 sites posting false convert stories ========>>

5) Life span of US Paper Money ====>> LINK 


HTML fonts in CSS =====>> LINK 

As of HTML 4.01, the <font> tag is considered deprecated and is not supported at all in HTML5. For HTML5 and website design in general, it is recommended that CSS be used to specify the font. In the below CSS example, the font is specified in the body, which tells the browser to use Verdana when available and if not available to use Arial with the font color code #333. With CSS, the font-family and color tag can by applied to any HTML tag (like the body tag) or any CSS class or id.

body {
font-family: verdana, arial;
color: #333;

7) Ibn Umar ( Ra ) said =====>> Quote     LINK 

Al-Itqan fi Ulum al-Qur’an  LINK 
by Jalaluddin Suyuti
English Translation by Muneer Fareed

9) Aqaid ………

“আল-ফিকহুল আকবার ” —— আকায়েদের মূল্যবান কিতাব , ইমাম আবু হানিফা রাহঃ বর্ণিত / লিখিত । LINK 

10) Demography of India …… 

Overall, India had 37.25 million fewer women than men according to the 2011 Census. To match the sexes equally and then increase the number of women to match the natural sex-ratio would require around 60 to 70 million women. That is the number of women missing. This phenomenon cannot be called anything less than genocide. LINK 

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