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13 Jan

1) আল্লাহর রাসুল সাঃ এর ভালবাসায় হযরত আয়েশা সিদ্দিকা রাঃ এর কবিতা ==>> LINK 
Andheri raat mein unki paishani nazar aati hai
To iss tarha chamakti hai jaisay roshan chirag.
Ahmad e Mujtaba kay jaisa koun tha aur koun ho ga,
Haq ka nizam qayam kernay wala aur malhadoon ko sirapa ibrat bana denay wala.

2) Ibn Taimiyaa, Ibn Kathir, …..

SALAFI Double Standards =================>> LINK 

“The picture to the left are the graves of Ibn Taimiyaa and his student Ibn Kathir, which are located in the Sufi Cemetary in Damascus, Syria. They bear a testimony to the double standards of these groups who have maliciously and heartlessly desecrated and destroyed not only the graves of the Companions, but also those of the parents, the progeny and family of the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wassallam), besides destroying the Islamic heritage. ”

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Khawarij ================>> LINK 

Descriptions of the Khawarij – this article consists of 21 pages covering 15 sub-sections. Each section contains authentic Hadith pertaining to a specific description of this unrelenting and unrepentant extremist sect of past and present times. All Hadith were taken from books by the late scholar of Hadith, Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani. ==========>>

Slideshow on Riba =====> LINK


DUA =======>> When someone is critically ill ———–> LINK 
When someone is so critically ill that there is no hope for his recovery, under no circumstances should he (or she) pray for his (or her) death. But if one must, then one should recite the following dua:
Allah-humma ah-yini ma kaanatil hayaatu khairall-lee wa tawaff-fani i-dha kaanatil wa faato khai-rall-lee.

Translation: O Allah, keep me alive so long as it is in my best interest and give me death when it is in my best interest.

Robert P. Murphy has called the State “a monopoly institution of violence.” ———–>> LINK 

7) Foretelling on the USA =======>> LINK 

8) Money Creation by Banks ==================>> LINK 

9) Out of thin air – – – – – money creation =======> LINK  #FED


Functions of Bangladesh Bank =========>> LINK 

BB performs all the core functions of a typical monetary and financial sector regulator, and a number of other non core functions. The major functional areas include :
Formulation and implementation of monetary and credit policies.
Regulation and supervision of banks and non-bank financial institutions, promotion and development of domestic financial markets.
Management of the country’s international reserves.
Issuance of currency notes.
Regulation and supervision of the payment system.
Acting as banker to the government .
Money Laundering Prevention.
Collection and furnishing of credit information.
Implementation of the Foreign exchange regulation Act.
Managing a Deposit Insurance Scheme .

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