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12 Jan

1) US Regime Change Manual ===>> LINK 


50% #Dollar Devaluation =====>> LINK 

U.S. Dollar and Treasury Bonds are Dead-Dr. Jim Willie —————->>>
Dr. Jim Willie, financial writer and Editor of the Hat Trick Letter, says, “I’ve been getting overwhelmed in the last month or two at the plethora, the litany of signals the financial system is imploding. U.S. dollar is in a sell-off. Treasury bonds are rapidly losing their integrity . . . and both banking and military sectors losing their global leadership.” Dr. Willie goes on to says, “The U.S. dollar and its trading vehicle, the Treasury bond, are dead . . . we have extraordinary tactics in place to keep the system going because they don’t want all the big U.S. banks to die.” Dr. Willie goes on to warn, “Banks, bonds and currencies are all on the edge of collapse.” Dr. Willie contends a global currency reset is coming. What happens to the U.S. dollar and gold? Dr. Willie predicts, “50% dollar devaluation . . . we’re going to see a doubling of the gold price overnight.” Dr. Willie contends, “The Treasury bond will be phased out and gold will be phased in.” ====>>

3) Human Capital Development ====>>  LINK 

4) Passage to Paradise ====>> LINK 

5) Communicative Grammar for Multi-Level English Language Learners =====================================>> LINK 

6) Saudi Prince ====>> LINK 


In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel – – –

====>> LINK 

8) World Media & the Zionists ====>> LINK 

9) Saudi Prince – – – – – – LINK 

10) Rise of Dirty #Saudi Royal Family : Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud Betrayer of Islam ====>>

” They like to pay Jizya to USA as the payment of their protection in the Arab land. Saudi Arabia Royals will be forced to step down by The Guided Caliph Muhammad ibn Abdullah, In shaa Allah. ” ============>> LINK 

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