Timeless stories in Gaza in black and white

25 Jul

“my short trip to the Gaza Strip this summer”

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine

This is the second set of photographs from my short trip to the Gaza Strip this summer. I only had nine days to spend catching up with family and friends so I found very little time to photograph freely.

But when I did, these were the kinds of moments that presented themselves. I was lucky to be able to capture anything.

I chose to make these images black and white because the colors don’t say anywhere near as much as the faces, wrinkles, clouds, or walls do. They are timeless stories that share a bit about everyday life in the Gaza Strip. I hope that each photograph can evoke in you the admiration, the caution, the laughter, the dread, or the awe I experienced whenever I lifted the camera.

These photographs were all taken in July 2013. See the first photo set here: Gaza in life, love, dignity, and strength

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