Gaza in life, love, dignity, and strength

25 Jul

Gaza in life, love, dignity, and strength

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine

Two years ago, I arrived in the Gaza Strip fully anticipating the most depressing scenes. Wary of my presence and confident that nobody would appreciate a camera documenting their private struggles, I set my camera up for stealth shots that would get me in and out of a situation fast. But I quickly learned what few outside of Gaza seem to realize: Despite the siege and occupation, Gaza is vibrant with life and love. I changed my camera settings and my mindset and embraced the colorful energy in the Gaza Strip.

This summer, in 2013, I crossed through Rafah with my camera pointed up not down. I wanted to capture the dignity and strength of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip from the very start. I wanted to share their emotions just as much as their stories. I also wanted to capture the mysterious glow that illuminates Gaza even when the…

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