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The Secret Meeting That Launched the Federal Reserve

By Gregory DL Morris

Although it may seem shocking to watch the 112th Congress, there was a time when national leaders were swift and decisive in getting things done. In November 1910, in the space of less than two weeks, a group of government and business leaders fashioned a powerful new financial system that has survived a century, two world wars, a Great Depression and many recessions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Problems of the Ummah : Role of Ulama & Intellectuals

 An extremely important article by Shah Abdul Hannan

The world of Islam today is passing through a critical period of its history. We are confronted with many problems. The situation is in between hopes and despairs. We, therefore, need to identify the key problems faced by the Muslim nation (Muslim Ummah) and find out our duties. Read the rest of this entry »

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